Amazon Cloud Outage Causing Major Issues at Some Crypto Exchanges

Problems with Amazon’s cloud service, AWS, are disrupting services at some cryptocurrency exchanges on Friday. The Binance exchange is seeing…

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Amazon Is Looking for an Engineer to Put Advertising Data on a Blockchain

Amazon is seeking to integrate parts of its advertising business with a blockchain. The Seattle-based e-commerce giant is looking for…

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AWS Backs $100,000 Competition to ‘Change the Face of Blockchain’

The problem: Given 1024-bit input x, compute the verifiable delay function ‘h=x^(2^t) mod N’ as fast as possible. t=2^30 N=124066695684124741398798927404814432744698427125735684128131855064976895337309138910015071214657674309443149407457493434579063840841220334555160125016331040933690674569571217337630239191517205721310197608387239846364360850220896772964978569683229449266819903414117058030106528073928633017118689826625594484331…

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UK Insurer L&G Using Amazon’s Blockchain Service for Bulk Pensions Deals

A U.K. insurer has turned to Amazon’s services to launch what it claims is the first blockchain system for bulk…

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