Bank of America

Bank of America Ices Ex-PayPal CFO’s Account, ‘Did You Buy Any Bitcoin?’

Bitcoin (BTC) figures could gain an unlikely new convert after the former chief financial officer of PayPalappears to have abruptly…

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Blockchain-Shy Bank of America Quietly Pilots Ripple Technology

Bank of America, the second-largest bank in the U.S., has quietly tested out Ripple’s distributed ledger technology – and may…

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Bank of America Is Now Hiring in Blockchain, Not Just Filing Patents

The second-largest U.S. bank has begun hiring for blockchain positions. The job openings, which appeared in recent months, are the…

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Bank of America’s Job Posting Hints It Hired a Dedicated Ripple Specialist

The United States’ second largest bank appears to have hired a specialist for an implementation of blockchain-based payment network Ripple.…

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Bank of America Joins R3’s Marco Polo Blockchain Global Trade Network

Bank of America has joined R3’s Corda-powered Marco Polo Network “to tackle trade finance challenges.” “Tackle trade finance challenges” On…

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Bank of America Joins Marco Polo Blockchain Trade Network

Bank of America has joined Marco Polo, a consortium working to bring efficiencies to international trade using blockchain technology. Founded…

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Bank of America Seeks to Patent Crypto Wallet That Works Like Valet Car Key

Bank of America is seeking to patent a “partitioned” security system for digital currency wallets that gives different users different…

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Bank of America Files Patent for Multi-Tiered Digital Currency Wallet

United States-based investment banking company Bank of America (BofA) has filed a patent for a digital currency wallet with multiple…

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