Malware on Official Monero Website Can Steal Crypto: Investigator

The software available for download on Monero’s (XMR) official website was compromised to steal cryptocurrency, according to a Nov. 19…

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Australian Man Arrested for Unregistered Crypto Transactions

Australian law enforcement arrested an unnamed 38-year-old Australian man for performing unregistered cryptocurrency transactions.  The police department of Victoria announced…

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SIM-Swap Victim Sues Crypto Exchange Bittrex for $1M Bitcoin Theft

Gregg Bennett, a SIM-swap hack victim and angel investor, sued cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex over allegedly allowing the theft of nearly…

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There’s a New Way to Get Your Stolen Crypto Back

“My first loss was with CoinsMarkets. It happened when the exchange closed with our funds. I didn’t even try to…

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California Man Sues AT&T Over Loss of $1.8M and Crypto Accounts

California resident Seth Shapiro has filed a lawsuit against wireless service giant AT&T alleging that its employees helped to perpetrate…

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Ethereum Name Service Auctions Halted Because of a Bug

Ethereum Name Service (ETN) name auctions were halted because of a bug that resulted in names being awarded to wrong…

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Fusion Network’s Token Swap Wallet Compromised, FSN Price Plummets

Fusion Network’s token swap wallet was compromised. Roughly a third of FSN tokens was stolen as a result. Fusion Foundation…

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Binance Helps UK Police to Stop $51 Million Phishing Fraud

Binance claims to have assisted British prosecutors in an investigation of an online fraud that resulted in over $51 million…

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Four Out of Five Top Bitcoin QR Code Generators are Scams: Report

Four out of the first five results presented when querying Google for a “bitcoin qr generator” lead to scam websites.…

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15 Arrested in China for Allegedly Bribing Internet Cafe to Mine Crypto

Chinese authorities arrested fifteen men suspected of corrupting an internet café administrator to mine cryptocurrency. Local crypto industry news outlet…

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