David Marcus

Calibra Head David Marcus Touts Libra’s Money Laundering Standards

Calibra CEO David Marcus recently claimed that the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) standards of Libra — Facebook’s proposed stablecoin project —…

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What to Expect When Facebook’s Zuckerberg Defends Libra on Capitol Hill

Once again, Facebook will face the fire on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, with the Libra cryptocurrency project taking center stage.…

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Libra Could Drop ‘Basket’ and Issue Individual Fiat Stablecoins

The Facebook-led Libra project may consider a fundamental change to the way its planned global payments system will operate, according…

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Facebook-Led Libra Forms Governing Council After Big-Name Departures

GENEVA — Twenty-one organizations have signed the Libra Association charter, days after a slew of high-profile defections from the cryptocurrency…

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Facebook’s Zuckerberg Appears to Put Libra Launch Date in Doubt

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has refused to commit to the planned 2020 launch for the Libra cryptocurrency project. Talking in…

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Facebook’s David Marcus Responds to Critics Over Libra ‘Threat’

The head of Facebook’s Calibra – the entity created by Facebook to provide financial services including a digital wallet for…

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Lawmakers Amp Up Pressure on Facebook to Halt Libra Cryptocurrency Development

U.S. lawmakers repeatedly pressed Facebook’s top blockchain executive to halt development of the Libra cryptocurrency during a contentious hearing on…

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Bitcoin Noticeably Absent From Senate Hearing on Facebook’s Libra

For a panel about a proposed cryptocurrency, Tuesday’s Senate Banking Committee hearing was notably light on crypto talk. Bitcoin was…

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What to Expect When Congress Grills Facebook on Cryptocurrency

The Takeaway Congressional hearings on Facebook’s Libra project are likely to focus more on the company’s privacy failings than on…

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Facebook to Senators: Libra Crypto Will Respect Consumer Privacy

Facebook blockchain lead David Marcus told U.S. lawmakers that the social media giant plagued by privacy scandals won’t have access…

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