Deloitte Integrates QEDIT’s Privacy Tech Into Its Blockchain Platform

Big four auditing firm Deloitte integrated the privacy developed by cryptography startup QEDIT into its qualification information blockchain platform Eduscrypt,…

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Deloitte Adds Privacy Tech to Its Education-Credentials Blockchain

Professional services giant Deloitte has added zero-knowledge proof privacy tech to its enterprise blockchain offering. Announced Tuesday at the ZKProof…

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Big Four Auditing Firm Deloitte Allows Staff to Pay Lunch in Bitcoin

Big Four auditing firm Deloitte is now allowing its staff to pay for food in the cantine using a mobile…

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Are Auditing Giants Adopting Yet?

Last week, Big Four firm Deloitte unveiled a mobile platform designed to host blockchain networks on a small scale for…

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Deloitte Launches ‘Blockchain In a Box’ to Help Enterprises Showcase Tech

Deloitte, one of the “Big Four” professional services firms, has officially launched a plug-and-play product aimed to help enterprises showcase…

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Deloitte Rolls Out Demonstrational Blockchain Platform

Big Four audit and consulting firm Deloitte has rolled out a blockchain-based platform designed to provide users with blockchain demonstrations…

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