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China Digital Currency ‘Not Seeking Full Data Control’ — Central Bank

China is not launching a war on cash by introducing its own digital currency, a senior official from the central…

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Malaysia to Impose Cash Transaction Limit of $6K in 2020: Report

Malaysia is planning to impose a $6,000 limit on cash transactions in 2020, according to a deputy governor at the…

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Bitcoin’s ‘Self-Settlement’ Is a Revolution Against Dollar

Bitcoin (BTC) beats both fiat currency and gold because it does not need settlement, RT host Max Keiser has said.…

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Ron Paul Survey Reveals Most Prefer Bitcoin for 10-Year Investment

Almost 60% of 70,000 people would take Bitcoin (BTC) over fiat currency as a long-term investment. That was according to…

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Weak Dollar Can Upend Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Model

The creator of the highly popular Stock-to-Flow model for forecasting the Bitcoin (BTC) price says he would be happy if…

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United States National Debt Hits 23 Trillion — Over $1M Per Bitcoin

The United States national debt is now over $23 trillion, according to website U.S Debt Clock. It is also worth…

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Binance Quietly Launches Ruble Trading for ‘Top-10 Market’ Russia

Major global crypto exchange Binance has silently launched Russian ruble trading on Oct. 30. Binance Ruble trading goes live according…

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IBM Expects a Central Bank to Issue Digital Currency Within 5 Years

73% of leading global banks have claimed that central bank digital currencies (CBDC) should be available “under all circumstances” in…

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Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin are Not Real Money: German Parliament

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) are not real money, according to a statement published by the German federal parliament on…

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Binance Adds Nigerian Naira Fiat Trading Pair, Opens Deposits

Major cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced that it opened deposits for fiat currency Nigerian Naira (NGN) on Oct. 24. Binance adds…

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