Hard Forks

Ethereum’s Istanbul Upgrade Will Break 680 Smart Contracts on Aragon

A system-wide upgrade is coming to ethereum’s Ropsten test network on Wednesday. And while “Istanbul” should ultimately introduce network efficiencies,…

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Steemit to Automate Development Funding With New DAO

Steemit, a blockchain project that focuses on monetizing social media sites, has given details of a coming code upgrade that…

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Privacy Cryptocurrency Zcash Prepares for ‘Friendly’ Fork

In about five hours, the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency Zcash will spawn a new blockchain network called Ycash. It’ll be the first…

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Grin Cryptocurrency Executes First Hard Fork

Privacy-oriented cryptocurrency Grin has just executed its first backward-incompatible upgrade, also called a hard fork. Today’s planned upgrade introduces key changes…

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