Two European Salmon Producers Use IBM’s Blockchain Platform to Track Supply Chain

Salmon farming company Cermaq and smoked salmon producer Labeyrie began using IBM’s cloud blockchain technology to trace their product supply…

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Nestle, Carrefour Extend Blockchain Tracking Effort to Baby Milk

Nothing is more important to new parents than the safety of their infants, and food giants Nestle and Carrefour aim to…

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Carrefour, Nestlé Use IBM’s Blockchain Platform to Track Infant Formula

Retail giants Carrefour and Nestlé are now using IBM’s Food Trust blockchain platform to track the supply chain of milk-based…

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Volvo to Use Blockchain-Traceable Cobalt in Its Electric Car Batteries

Automaker Volvo announced on Nov. 6 that it will use cobalt tracked on a blockchain for its car batteries following…

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How Blockchain Disrupts Global Business | Sibos 2019

Blockchain technology is reshaping the face of our global financial system, and it goes far beyond cryptocurrencies alone. Since Bitcoin’s…

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Cross-Border Blockchain B2B Volume to Hit $4.4 Trillion by 2024

The value of Business-to-Business (B2B) cross-border payments carried out on a blockchain will exceed $4.4 trillion by 2024, after reaching…

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Microsoft Unveils Platform for Minting Enterprise-Ready Crypto Tokens

Microsoft wants building blockchain tokens in the cloud to be as easy as plugging in a printer. So says Marley‌…

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Initiative Including Microsoft, Intel and IBM Introduces Token Standards

The Token Taxonomy Initiative (TTI) has unveiled a framework to standardize the construction of tokens. The initiative has made its…

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IBM Expects a Central Bank to Issue Digital Currency Within 5 Years

73% of leading global banks have claimed that central bank digital currencies (CBDC) should be available “under all circumstances” in…

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Crypto News From the Spanish-Speaking World: Oct. 21–27 in Review

The Spanish-speaking world has seen major cryptocurrency and blockchain developments with a former Bolivian intelligence director claiming that Venezuela is…

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