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PODCAST: Kaiko’s Ambre Soubiran on Bitcoin’s ‘Intrinsic Value’

“One of the things I was hearing all the time when I was in the banking world was ‘OK, but…

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PODCAST: Josh Brown on Why Bitcoin Is Like the 1800s Railroad Boom

“In the 1800s we had a bubble in railroads, and almost every one of them went bankrupt,” said “Downtown” Josh…

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PODCAST: Nic Carter on Bitcoin’s Evolution as a Safe-Haven Asset

“If you are fleeing a country with just the clothes on your back and you want to take your savings…

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PODCAST: Caitlin Long on Bitcoin as Insurance Against Financial Collapse

“To me, it’s an insurance against instability in the mainstream financial industry,” said Caitlin Long, one of the most experienced…

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PODCAST: Ikigai’s Travis Kling on Why Bitcoin Is a ‘Baby X-Man’

“Bitcoin is unequivocally a macro asset,” said Travis Kling, the former hedge funder and now founder and CIO of Ikigai…

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