Ethereum Targets Dec. 4 for Istanbul Mainnet Activation

Ethereum’s next system-wide upgrade, Istanbul, is scheduled to arrive on mainnet the week of Dec. 4. The decision was made…

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Ethereum’s Istanbul Upgrade Arrives Early, Causes Testnet Split

Ethereum test network Ropsten has forked into two separate chains following the activation of system-wide upgrade Istanbul. “It appears there…

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Ethereum’s Istanbul Upgrade Will Break 680 Smart Contracts on Aragon

A system-wide upgrade is coming to ethereum’s Ropsten test network on Wednesday. And while “Istanbul” should ultimately introduce network efficiencies,…

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Ethereum Picks Early October for Testnet Activation of Istanbul Hard Fork

The testnet launch of ethereum’s Istanbul system-wide upgrade has been set. “For anyone listening in who doesn’t know how this works,…

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Ethereum Coders Approve 6 Changes for Upcoming Istanbul Hard Fork

Ethereum core developers finalized late Thursday a list of six different code changes to be activated for ethereum’s next system-wide…

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