Kik Suffers Setbacks With ‘Void for Vagueness’ Defense in SEC Case

Kik is struggling to mount a strong defense in a case brought by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over…

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SEC Blasts Kik’s ‘Void for Vagueness’ Defense of 2017 ICO

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said Kik’s August defense of its $100 million initial coin offering (ICO) was “untenable” and…

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Kik Messenger Saved From the Verge of Shutdown

On Oct. 13, Canadian social media and messaging app Kik revealed it’s “here to stay.” This was an apparent reversal…

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Kik Messaging App Now Has New Owner, Will Continue Work on Kin Token

MediaLab, a Santa Monica-based holding company, has finalized an agreement with Kik Interactive to acquire the Kik messaging platform. MediaLab…

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Kik Sells Messaging App, Reaffirms Kin Crypto Integration

The Kik messaging platform has been bought by MediaLab, a holding company which operates Whisper and a number of other…

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Kik Announces It’s ‘Here to Stay’ in Apparent Reversal of Fortunes

Canadian social media and messaging app Kik has revealed it’s “here to stay,” in an apparent reversal of earlier plans…

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CoinDesk Victim of Hoax In Which Fake Kik CEO Account Claimed to Quit

UPDATE 13:50 UTC: This article has been updated to rectify inaccuracies in our original reporting.  CoinDesk has become the apparent…

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In Drunken Text, Kik CEO Threatens to Quit: ‘I’m Not Going to Jail for This’

Kik CEO Ted Livingston appears to be close to quitting the social messaging startup he founded in 2009 following news…

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Kik Messaging App to Shut Down Following SEC Lawsuit Against ICO

Following reports of Kik Interactive subsidiary Kin laying off 70 employess, Kik Interactive CEO Ted Livingstone announced today that Kik…

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Kik Considers Shutting Down Popular Messaging App

The Canadian social media and messaging app company Kik is reportedly considering shutting down its popular Kik messaging app. 70…

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