DeFi Startup Compound Finance Raises $25 Million Series A Led by A16z

Lending protocol Compound Finance just raised $25 million in a round led by Andreessen Horowitz’s a16z crypto fund, marking one…

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MakerDAO Proposes New DAI Ceiling After Hitting $100 Million Cap

The MakerDAO loan system, administered by the Maker Foundation, hit its debt ceiling Wednesday with roughly $100 million worth of…

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Lock BTC, Get DAI: Lending Firm Bridges Bitcoin-DeFi Divide in Latin America

Canadian startup Ledn, which offers bitcoin-backed fiat loans, now also offers dollar-pegged DAI loans, connecting bitcoin users with ethereum’s decentralized…

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MakerDAO’s Multi-Collateral DAI Token Is Launching Nov. 18

MakerDAO is launching a new version of its programmatic stablecoin DAI next month. MakerDAO Foundation CEO Rune Christensen announced the…

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MakerDAO Bounty Program Catches ‘Critical’ Bug Before Launch

MakerDAO has patched a “critical” bug in its yet-to-be-launched Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD) upgrade that could have put more than 10%…

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Decentralized Employment Ecosystem Opolis to Integrate MakerDAO’s Dai Cryptocurrency

Opolis received a development grant from MakerDAO to integrate its Dai cryptocurrency into its decentralized employer ecosystem for payroll and…

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Coinbase-Backed ConsenSys Alum Aims to Build GitHub for Web3

Although most developers use GitHub to organize and share open-source code, funds like Coinbase Ventures, Distributed Global and Digital Currency…

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Nasdaq Lists New Decentralized Finance Index Including MakerDao, 0x, Augur

Nasdaq has added a new index that aims to offer the markets information on blockchain projects working in the decentralized…

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MakerDAO Is Helping 60 Kids in Brazil Learn the Basics of Blockchain

Nearly 120 youths, ages 14-24, now gather weekly in Rio de Janeiro for free courses about financial literacy, computer programming…

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Maker Foundation Tried and Failed to Register ‘DEFI’ Trademark

In a bid to keep the decentralized finance space free of scam artists, DeFi ecosystem Maker attempted to trademark the…

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