Zcash Community Discovers Likely Malicious Fake Version of ZecWallet

Members of the Zcash (ZEC) community have discovered a suspicious and potentially malicious counterfeit version of Zcash Foundation’s native ZecWallet.…

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N. Korean Hackers’ New MacOS Malware Hides Behind Fake Crypto Firm

The notorious North Korean hackers known as the Lazarus APT Group have created another malware targeting Apple Macs that masquerades…

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$160 Malware Botnet Tries to Steal Crypto From 72,000 Devices

Around 72,000 devices in 2019 alone were infected during a suspiciously cheap yet successful malware campaign to steal cryptocurrency, new…

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New Malware Swaps Out Crypto Wallet Addresses as You Type Them

A new bit of malware called Masad Stealer can replace wallet addresses as you type them thanks to malicious code injected…

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Cybersecurity Firm Releases WannaCryFake Bitcoin Ransomware Fix

Cybersecurity firm Emsisoft has released a solution for Bitcoin (BTC)-demanding ransomware WannaCryFake. Pay Bitcoin in return for your data In…

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‘Panda’ Crypto Malware Group Has Nabbed $100K in Monero Since 2018

A cybersecurity firm has identified a group behind a spate of cryptocurrency-mining malware attacks that have been targeting enterprises across…

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New Linux Malware Mines Crypto While Remaining Undetectable

Two threat analysts recently stumbled upon new Linux malware that keeps its cryptocurrency mining operations hidden. On Sept. 16, Augusto…

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Cryptomining Malware Targets Back-to-School Students With Fake Textbooks

Security software provider Kaspersky has identified a form of cryptomining malware that has taken root in multiple sites where pirated…

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15 Arrested in China for Allegedly Bribing Internet Cafe to Mine Crypto

Chinese authorities arrested fifteen men suspected of corrupting an internet café administrator to mine cryptocurrency. Local crypto industry news outlet…

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New Crypto-Stealing Ransomware Targets Fortnite Players

A new piece of  ransomware called Syrk will encrypt files on your hard drive while deleting entire folders if the…

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