Max Keiser

Bitcoin’s ‘Self-Settlement’ Is a Revolution Against Dollar

Bitcoin (BTC) beats both fiat currency and gold because it does not need settlement, RT host Max Keiser has said.…

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China’s Gold-Backed Crypto Would Be Bearish for Bitcoin

China launching a digital counterpart of the yuan backed by gold puts Bitcoin (BTC) at a disadvantage, veteran gold bug…

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Bitcoin Hash Rate to Hit a Milestone 100 Quintillion for the First Time

Bitcoin (BTC) is aiming for a new network record as its hash rate is just inches away from hitting three…

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Max Keiser Predicts Bitcoin Dominance, Death of Altcoins and Hard Forks

Bitcoin maximalist and former Wall Street trader Max Keiser has recently claimed that Bitcoin (BTC) dominance is heading to 80%…

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Bitcoin Could Cross $15,000 This Week, No Trust in Centralization

Max Keiser, a former Wall Street trader and host of the RT program Keiser Report, said that he believes Bitcoin…

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