Researcher Breaks Grin’s ‘Privacy’ Spending Just $60 Per Week

Mimblewimble, a privacy-focused blockchain protocol, is allegedly not private at all. According to an expert at blockchain research firm Dragonfly…

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Litecoin Foundation Pitches Opt-In MimbleWimble Via Extension Blocks

The Litecoin Foundation has published two new draft Litecoin Improvement Proposals that work toward establishing privacy features for the network.…

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Privacy Coin Beam Conducts First Hard Fork Away From ASICs

At 19:00 UTC today privacy coin beam completed its first scheduled hard fork at block 321,321. Launching on bitcoin’s tenth…

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Grin Cryptocurrency Executes First Hard Fork

Privacy-oriented cryptocurrency Grin has just executed its first backward-incompatible upgrade, also called a hard fork. Today’s planned upgrade introduces key changes…

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