Polychain Capital

There’s Now a DAO for Deciding Which Blockchains to Stake On

Decentralized finance (DeFi) meets decentralized governance. That’s the idea behind StakerDAO, a new decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for investing in…

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Polychain, Web3 to Back Polkadot Projects With New Ecosystem Fund

Polychain Capital is partnering with the Web3 Foundation to launch a new investment fund for projects building atop the Polkadot…

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Polychain and a Chinese Bank Are Betting Millions on This Token Sale

The Nervos Network token offering hasn’t launched yet but it already has a pair of prominent backers. The sale kicks…

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China Merchants Bank’s Latest Crypto Partnership Includes STO Investment

The Chinese government is indirectly participating in a security token offering (STO). The Nervos Network STO kicks off on Oct.…

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Binance and Polychain Are Funding a Crypto-Friendly Bank in Malta

To some, Malta-native Paula Pandolfino may seem like a walking contradiction: bitcoiner and banker. After personally investing in bitcoin in…

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Former Polychain Partner Ryan Zurrer Is Leaving Web3 to Start a DAO

Nothing has ever excited former Polychain partner and Web3 Foundation executive Ryan Zurrer like The DAO – the 2016 project…

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