Quantum Computers

Blockchain Must Solve These 3 Issues to Avoid Quantum Threat: Expert

Blockchain community should immediately begin working on three issues to prevent being overtaken by quantum computers, a cryptography expert says.…

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Google’s Quantum Computer Still Far From Useful, Says Vitalik Buterin

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin is not at all impressed by the perceived threat Bitcoin (BTC) faces from Google’s quantum computer.…

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Google Quantum Breakthrough Could Improve Proof-of-Stake

The application of Google’s quantum computing technology could purportedly help improve the technology which underpins proof-of-stake (PoS) cryptocurrencies. Quantum computing…

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Google’s ‘Quantum Supremacy’ Has No Impact on Bitcoin

Bitcoin (BTC) has “zip” to fear from the latest advances in quantum computing from Google, one of the industry’s best-known…

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Google’s Quantum Computer Breakthrough Not a Risk to Bitcoin, Says Dev

A well-known cryptographer has poured cold water on fresh fears that recent advances in quantum computing could endanger Bitcoin (BTC)…

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Quantum Computing Vs. Blockchain: Impact on Cryptography

The major selling point of blockchain and its applications is that cryptographically secured distributed ledgers are virtually “unbreakable” under normal…

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