Bittrex Will Release Frozen Crypto to Former Users in Sanctioned Regimes

Crypto exchange Bittrex is looking to return crypto holdings to customers in sanctioned nations. According to a letter posted on Twitter…

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UN Claims Hong Kong Blockchain Firm Is North Korean Laundering Sham

The United Nations Security Council’s Sanctions Committee on North Korea has accused the country of using a Hong Kong-based blockchain…

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How Lebanon’s Economic Crisis Highlights Bitcoin’s Limitations

Lebanon is far from a poster child for cryptocurrency adoption. News of Lebanese banks shuttering to prevent a bank run…

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North Korea Needs Its Own National Crypto, CBDC Fever Spreads in Asia

It seems that a movement to create a national cryptocurrency is gaining momentum in Asia. Following China, the North Korean…

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US Sanctions Three Alleged Crypto Hacking Groups from North Korea

The U.S. has sanctioned three North Korean entities for cyber crimes, mentioning cryptocurrency thefts as one of the reasons for…

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US Treasury Sanctions North Korean Hacker Groups for Cyber Attacks

The United States Treasury Department announced further sanctions against three North Korean state-sponsored hacker groups, responsible for “North Korea’s malicious…

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South Korea Hardest Hit By North Korean Cyber Attacks

The United Nations is investigating 35 North Korean cyberattacks across 17 countries, according to a report published Aug. 13 by…

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History and Use of the Crypto

For the entirety of cryptocurrency’s short history, Venezuela has been seen to be among the most striking example of the…

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US Sanctions on Iran Crypto Mining — Inevitable or Impossible?

If there’s one thing the United States has had a history of, it’s imposing sanctions on its enemies. Venezuela, Cuba,…

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‘No Way the Current System Can Survive’

When people outside of crypto think of John McAfee, they think computers, cybersecurity, anti-virus software. But in the world of…

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