US ICO Scammer Sentenced to 18 Months In Jail

Maksim Zaslavskiy, a computer programmer from Brooklyn and the first person in the United States to be convicted of running…

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Two US Men Arrested For Stealing Social Media Accounts and Crypto via SIM Swapping

The United States Department of Justice has arrested and charged two Massachusetts men for allegedly taking over victims’ social media…

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BaFin Orders Gold-Backed Token Issuer to Cease-and-Desist Order

The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has issued a cease and desist order to Karatbit Foundation to immediately stop…

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Crypto Miner Steals $5M Worth of Computing Power Using Identity of Riot Games Founder

The millionaire game developer, Marc Merril, was a victim of the Singaporean man who stole identities to utilize Amazon Web…

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‘Bitcoin of the Middle East’ Scam Lands Canadian Expat in Dubai Jail

A Dubai-based Canadian expat has been arrested for peddling an allegedly fraudulent “Sharia-compliant” cryptocurrency and a host of other get-rich-quick…

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Fraudulent Transactions in Crypto, Explained

2. Exchanges, businesses, wallets and people that aren’t what they say they are. For example, there might be a crypto…

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Victim of $24 Million SIM Swap Case Writes Open Letter to FCC Chairman

SIM swapping victim Michael Terpin wrote an open letter to the United States Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai.…

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Brazil Opens A Formal Inquiry Into The Country’s Rampant Cryptocurrency Scams

Brazilian Congressman Aureo Ribeiro, author of a bill that purports to regulate the Brazilian crypto market, requested the opening of…

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CFTC File Lawsuit Against $11M Ponzi-Like Cryptocurrency Scam

The United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) announced the filing of a civil enforcement action against Nevada-based Circle Society.…

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Crypto ‘Sextortionists’ Turn to Litecoin to Avoid Detection: Report

Litecoin (LTC) and other alts are becoming increasingly prevalent among crypto “sextortionists” since they allow to avoid detection more easily,…

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