Bitfinex Adds Bitcoin Bech32 Support — Hints at Lightning Network Next

Major global crypto exchange Bitfinex now supports Bitcoin (BTC) bech32 addresses generation and deposits to bech32 addresses. Following the launch…

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Udi Wertheimer Offers to Promote Binance in Exchange for SegWit Support

One of the Bitcoin (BTC) space’s best-known and most outspoken developers has pledged to advertise Binance for the rest of…

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SegWit, Explained | Cointelegraph

5. SegWit is associated with Bitcoin and its core principles, so its strengths and weaknesses will vary depending on who…

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Share of SegWit-Spending Bitcoin Transactions Now Over 50%

The percentage of Segregated Witness (SegWit)-spending Bitcoin (BTC) transactions has reached 50.5%, or an all-time high, according to statistics.…

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