Stablecoin Privacy Is ‘Extremely Lackluster’

The non-profit Human Rights Foundation (HRF) has analyzed the censorship and privacy landscape of stablecoins in a report published on…

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Altcoin Market Capitalization Shrinks Despite Volume Boost Since 2017

At present, the combined capitalization of the 2,022 crypto assets with a known market cap was roughly $222 billion. On…

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Longhash Blockchain Researchers Dispute 2017 ‘Single Whale’ Theory

Blockchain education platform Longhash has released research that it claims debunks the recent single-whale theory of the 2017 Bitcoin (BTC)…

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Tether to File Motion With NYAG to Dismiss Class Action Lawsuit

Tether has released a letter of intent saying that it plans to file a motion to dismiss the lawsuit that…

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Stablecoins Are a ‘Mid-Step Towards Hyperbitcoinization’

Stablecoin Tether (USDT) is clearly the preference among investors but will not see a retail use case, Samson Mow says. …

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Crypto Exchange OKEx Launches Bitcoin Futures Margined With Tether

Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has launched Bitcoin (BTC) futures contracts that are margined with the Tether (USDT) stablecoin. OKEx announced the…

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EToro’s Platform EToroX Lists Dash and Seven Stablecoins

EToroX, the digital asset platform of social trading platform eToro, announced the listing of privacy coin Dash and seven stablecoins…

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Tether Supports Peter McCormack’s Defense Against Craig Wright

Leading stablecoin operator Tether has announced it will support crypto podcaster Peter McCormack in a lawsuit against self-proclaimed Bitcoin (BTC)…

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Tether Says Its Stablecoin Is ‘Fully Backed’ Again

USDT tokens are now fully backed by Tether’s reserves, the stablecoin issuer said Thursday. Tether published a response to what…

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Tether Refutes Paper Naming USDT Manipulation as Cause of 2017 BTC Bull Run

Tether has issued a response to a recently surfaced paper that alleges that a single whale manipulated the market to…

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