Peter Thiel Backs $200 Million Valuation for Renewable Bitcoin Mining in the US

One company is driving its business plan straight into the “bitcoin wastes too much energy” argument and has raised $30 million…

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Launch of Binance US Can Have Far-Reaching Effects on Crypto Market

From the outside looking in, the United States seems to present a host of amazing financial opportunities. However, when it…

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Medici-Backed Blockchain Firm Wants to Unite the Coffee Industry of Honduras

Agricultural startup GrainChain backed by Medici Ventures, the blockchain venture arm of online retail giant Overstock, plans to unite the…

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US SEC Reaches $10 Million Settlement with Digital Assets Issuers

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), a primary governmental regulator, has settled charges with digital assets company Bitqyck…

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Top-5 States With Welcoming Regulations

On Aug. 14, at least two American states introduced regulatory actions targeting the crypto space. First, Maryland’s attorney general announced…

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Water Management Firm to Use Data Gumbo’s Services for Efficiency

Austin-based Antelope Water Management has announced that it is going to start using a blockchain platform developed by Data Gumbo. …

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Texas Securities Watchdog Shuts Down Craigslist Crypto Scammer

Authorities in Texas have issued a cease and desist order against an alleged crypto scammer operating on Craigslist. According to…

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Regulators File Cease and Desist Against Craigslist Scam Promising 900% Crypto Returns

Officials in Texas have filed a cease and desist letter against a cryptocurrency promoter for posting misleading advertisements on Craigslist.…

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