UN Partners With NGO to Tokenize Chocolate Bars for Equitable Trade

The United Nations Development Programme has partnered with Dutch NGO the FairChain Foundation to use blockchain for the more equitable…

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UNICEF Launches Cryptocurrency Fund Supported by Ethereum Foundation

UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, has launched a cryptocurrency fund to support open source technology “benefiting children and young…

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Facebook-Led Libra Could Be Boon to UN, Says Crypto Project’s Chief

The head of the Libra Association has argued that the Facebook-led cryptocurrency could be a boon to the U.N., according…

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‘Nasty Game’: North Korea Denies It Hacked $2 Billion in Fiat and Crypto

North Korea has denied a recent U.N. report suggesting it was behind major hacks of banks and cryptocurrency exchanges that…

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UN Investigating 35 North Korean Military-Funding Cyberattacks

After a U.N. report recently accused the North Korean regime of carrying out major cyberattacks of banks and crypto exchanges…

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