Walmart Canada Rolls Out Blockchain-Based Freight and Payment System

Walmart Canada — the retail giant’s Canadian branch — has rolled out an automated blockchain-based network for freight tracking and…

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Blockchain Gives ‘Illusion of Traceability’ for Walmart

Experts allege the biggest hurdle facing the blockchain systems being adopted by food retail  giants such as Walmart and Nestlé…

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Walmart Uses Blockchain Tech to Track Shrimp Supply Chains

United States retail giant Walmart, in collaboration with IBM, will use blockchain technology to track its shrimp supply chains. On…

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Drone Data Service Red Cat Taps GoChain to Create Blockchain-Based Black Box

Red Cat, a maker of data recorders for drones, has partnered with GoChain, a decentralized-web and cryptocurrency startup, to store…

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Walmart’s Foray Into Blockchain, How Is the Technology Used?

Walmart is currently making use of blockchain technology to create a food traceability system based on the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger…

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Biggest Problems With Stablecoins, Explained

5. Potentially, but there are hurdles that stand in the way. Earlier this year, Facebook unveiled plans for Libra — a stablecoin…

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Walmart Files Patent for Blockchain-Based Drone Communication System

American retail giant Walmart has submitted a patent application for a drone communication system that is based on blockchain technology. …

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10 Global Enterprises Looking to Issue Their Own Cryptos

The growing popularity of cryptocurrency has led to a revolution in the digital currency industry. Enterprises that were of noncrypto…

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Walmart Crypto Project More Agreeable to Lawmakers Than Libra

A senior policy analyst at investment banking corporation Cowen, Jaret Seiberg, said that Walmart’s proposed digital coin should not face…

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Walmart Is Trying to Patent Its Own ‘Libra’ Like Digital Currency

A new patent filing suggests that United States retail giant Walmart may be developing its own U.S. dollar-backed digital currency…

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