Programming Languages Used in Blockchain, Explained

1. Aside from functionality, programming languages are essential in ensuring that blockchain networks and crypto infrastructure are secure. Their role…

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Waves DEX Now Supports Ethereum-Based ERC-20 Tokens

Blockchain platform Waves added support for Ethereum-based (ETH) ERC-20 standard compliant tokens to its decentralized exchange (DEX). On Aug. 22,…

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Cosmos, DASH and More: Coinbase Considers Adding 8 New Crypto Tokens

Coinbase has announced the possible addition of eight new tokens to its current collection. Per a blog posting from the…

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Waves CEO Sells His Stake in Blockchain Spin-Off Vostok

Founder of token issuance platform Waves has fully sold his stake in the firm’s blockchain spin-off Vostok to focus on…

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